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Mr Manikandanath NT

Senior Technical Officer Coatings characterization... View Profile

Mr Balaji N

Senior Technical Officer Refractories... View Profile

Mr Jakeer Khan,G.H

Senior Technical Officer Instrumentation/Vaccum Technology... View Profile

Ms Latha S

Senior Technical Officer Digital Communication... View Profile

Mr Praveen Kumar,V

Senior Technical Officer Mechanical engineering General... View Profile

Mr Siju .

Senior Technical Officer Metallurgical Characterization/ Electron Microscop... View Profile

Mr Srinivas G

Senior Technical Officer Heat power Technology... View Profile

Dr Prasanta Chowdhury

Senior Scientist Surface Coating... View Profile

Dr Ezhilselvi V

Scientist Electrochemistry, Corrosion... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi RV

Scientist Surface Coating... View Profile

Dr Selva Kumar N

Scientist Nanostructured solar selective coatings... View Profile

Dr Chakradhar RPS

Scientist Surface Coating... View Profile

Dr Shri Prakash B

Scientist Surface Coating... View Profile

Ms Jeevitha M

Scientist Surface engineering... View Profile

Dr Senthil Kumar,S

Scientist Materials Engineering... View Profile

Dr Aruna S T

Principal Scientist current research interests include development of ... View Profile

Dr Balaraju J N

Principal Scientist Surface Engineering; Surface Modification; Metal F... View Profile

Ms Meenu Srivastava

Principal Scientist Having experience in the field of electrodeposited... View Profile

Dr Parthasarathi Bera

Principal Scientist Catalysis and Surface Science... View Profile

Ms Amitha Rani,B.E

Principal Scientist Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Harish Barshiilia

Chief Scientist Nanotechnology, Solar Energy, Plasma Processing of... View Profile

Dr Rajam KS

Retired Scientist Surface Modification... View Profile

Dr Anandan C

Retired Scientist Vaccum/Ultra High Vaccum Techniques... View Profile

Dr Basu Bharathi Bai

Retired Scientist Analytical Chemistry, Coatings... View Profile

Mr William Grips VK

Retired Faculty Coatings, Surface Engineering, Materials Science a... View Profile