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Mr Gopinath M

Senior Technical Officer-2 Structure Engineering, Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Sakthivel K

Senior Technical Officer-2 Electronics and Communication Engineering... View Profile

Mr Sankaradoss P

Senior Technical Officer-2 Servo system & Mechanical maintenance... View Profile

Mr Seshagirachari M

Senior Technical Officer-2 Electronics... View Profile

Dr Sathiyanaarayan S

Senior Scientist Applied Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Onkar

Senior Scientist Structures... View Profile

Mr Baskar Rao Mattapally

Senior Scientist Machine Design... View Profile

Dr Chandra N

Senior Scientist Aerospace Engineering, Structural Dynamics & Vibro... View Profile

Dr Chetan S Jarali

Senior Scientist Structures... View Profile

Mr Dwarakanathan D

Senior Scientist Structual Engineering with Computer Application... View Profile

Mr Ganesh Madhuranath

Senior Scientist Aerospace... View Profile

Mr Mahesh Kadam

Senior Scientist Machine Design... View Profile

Mr Mohan Kumar,M

Senior Scientist Structural testing of Aircraft structures. Fatigue... View Profile

Mr Mutturaj H Medar

Senior Scientist Mechanical (Heat Power Engineering)... View Profile

Mr Nagarajappa B

Senior Scientist Impact and crashworthiness studies... View Profile

Mr Narendra M.S

Senior Scientist Aerospace Engineering... View Profile

Mr Narayana R

Senior Scientist structures... View Profile

Mr Shiva Prasad,M.V

Senior Scientist structures, Machine Design... View Profile

Mr Sreedhara H

Senior Scientist structures, Aerospace Engineering... View Profile

Mr Vinod Kumar,K

Senior Scientist structures, Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Ms Akshatha H.T

Senior Scientist aircraft design, CADS... View Profile

C.N. Sathyanarayana

Senior Principal Scientist ... View Profile

Dr D.V.T.G. Pavan Kumar

Senior Principal Scientist Composite structures; Shell theories for laminated... View Profile

Dr CM Manjunatha

Senior Principal Scientist Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, Damage tolerance E... View Profile

Mr Rajagopal R.S.

Senior Principal Scientist Advanced structural analysis... View Profile

Ms Aparna Aniruddha Aradhye

Scientist structures... View Profile

Mr Arun Kumar,A

scientist Engineering of Structures (AEROSPACE)... View Profile

Mr Ashwin U

Scientist Machine Design... View Profile

Ms Deepa Sakravarthini,S

Scientist Structural... View Profile

Mr Jaidev Vyas,J

Scientist Thermal Engineering... View Profile

Ms Kshama S

Scientist Electronic Science... View Profile

Mr Ramesh Bojja

Scientist Applied Mechanics... View Profile

Mr Sai Kiran,P.V.R

Scientist Machine drives and Power electronics, IVHM... View Profile

Mr Sathish S

Scientist Aerospace Engineering... View Profile

Ms Shanthini G

Scientist structures... View Profile

Mr Shanwaz Mulla

Scientist Engineering of structures(Aerospace)... View Profile

Mr Sharad Kumar

Scientist structures, Engineering Mechanics... View Profile

Ms Sivaranjani T

Scientist structures, aerospace... View Profile

Mr Surya Narayanan,L

Scientist structures, ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY... View Profile

Mr Dilip Kumar

Principal Technical Officer Instrumentation,Data Acquition Systems... View Profile

Mr Selvamani Babu,A.S

Principal Technical Officer Material Evaluation... View Profile

Mr P.S. Vijayakumar

Principal Scientist Signal processing; Dynamic testing; Software devel... View Profile

Mrs S. Manju

Principal Scientist Finite element analysis... View Profile

Dr Krishna Lok Singh

Principal Scientist Modeling and Simulation of Structures and Systems ... View Profile


Principal Scientist Expertised knowledge in design and analysis of aer... View Profile

Mr Achuthan C Pankaj

Principal Scientist CAD/CAM, Aeroelasticity, Reliability... View Profile

Dr Balamurugan G

Principal Scientist Mechanical Design, Kinematics,System Design,Manufa... View Profile

Mr Dhayanidhi J

Principal Scientist Structural Engineering... View Profile

Mr Kalyana Sundaram,S

Principal Scientist Fatigue & Fracture, NDT & E, Structural Testing, I... View Profile

Mr Nagarajappa N

Principal Scientist Aerospace Engineering (Structures)... View Profile

Mr Siva Subba Rao,P

Principal Scientist structures, Digital Systems, Control Systems & Com... View Profile

Dr Ranganath VR

Chief Scientist Experimental fatigue and fracture mechanics for st... View Profile

Dr Manjuprasad M

Chief Scientist Dynamics and Aeroelasticity, Risk and Reliability... View Profile

Mr Satish Chandra

Chief Scientist Structural Mechanics,Computer science... View Profile

Dr R. Balasubramaniam

Retired Scientist Vibration and Aeroelasticity,Nodal Analysis,Aero A... View Profile

Dr S. Viswanath

Retired Scientist Fracture Mechanics,FEM,Composites... View Profile