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Mrs Gayathri A

Senior Technical Officer Electronics... View Profile

Mrs Kalavati .

Senior Technical Officer Instrumentation technology... View Profile

Mr Madan M

Senior Technical Officer Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Mariappan L

Senior Technical Officer Ceramics... View Profile

Dr Abanti Nag

Senior Scientist Sensors & Energy Materials and Devices... View Profile

Mrs Bhuvana N

Senior Scientist Mechatronics... View Profile

Mr Masa Suresh Kumar

Senior Scientist Metallurgy... View Profile

Dr Anjana Jain

Senior Principal Scientist Smart Materials, Development of PVDF piezoelectric... View Profile

Dr Venkateswarlu Karodi

Senior Principal Scientist material processing, Al alloys and composites, sev... View Profile

Dr Sujata M

Senior Principal Scientist Materials and Metallurgical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Thiagarajan N

Senior Principal Scientist Analytical Chem,Polymer Science... View Profile

P.S. Gopalakrishnan

Scientist-F Solid State Chemistry... View Profile

J.P. Pichamuthu

Scientist G Laser Instrumentation... View Profile

Dr Barat Kaustav

Scientist My area of interest lies in the juncture of manufa... View Profile

Dr Benudhar Sahoo

Scientist Electroceramics... View Profile

Mr Raghavendra K

Scientist Metallurgical and Materials Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sivagnanapalani P

Scientist Materials Science ... View Profile

Mr Stalin M

Scientist Materials Science... View Profile

Dr R. Ramachandra Rao

Principal Scientist Structural ceramics... View Profile


Principal Scientist Carbon fiber precursors(Polyacrylonitrile co,terpo... View Profile


Principal Scientist Advanced ceramics, Ceramic processing, Ultra high ... View Profile

Dr Soma Dutta

Principal Scientist Solid State Physics... View Profile

Mr Saikrishna C.N

Principal Scientist Mechanical engg (CAD)... View Profile

Dr Udayakumar A

Principal Scientist Materials Science, Ceramic Technology, fibre and c... View Profile

Dr Venkataramaiah K

Principal Scientist Materials Science & Engineering Shape Memory Allo... View Profile

Dr M K Sridhar

Former Director Polymer Science... View Profile

C. Balasingh

Emeritus Scientist X-ray Diffraction... View Profile

Dr. Prasanta Kumar Panda

Chief Scientist ... View Profile

Dr Subir Kumar Bhaumik

Chief Scientist Failure Analysis & Accident Investigation and Proc... View Profile

Dr. Kalyani Vijayan

Retired Scientist X-ray Crystallography... View Profile

Dr T.G. Ramesh

Retired Scientist High Pressure Physics... View Profile

Dr Sudha Mahadevan

Retired Scientist Solid State Physics... View Profile

Dr Anil K Singh

Retired Scientist Materials Science... View Profile

Dr Divakar C

Retired Scientist Mat Science,High pressure science and technology... View Profile

Dr Giridhar A

Retired Scientist Phy Chem/Mat Science... View Profile

Mr R.V. Krishnan

Retired Faculty Failure Analysis,Electron Microscopy... View Profile