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Mr Vimal Raj,A

Technical Officer Electronics... View Profile

Mr Vijeesh T

Senior Technical Officer Computer Science... View Profile

Girija Gopalaratnam

Senior Scientist ... View Profile

Mrs Padma Madhuranath

Senior Scientist Flight mechanics; Identification and simulation; D... View Profile

Mr Alexander Kale

Senior Scientist Control and Automation... View Profile

Ms Archana Hebbar,P

Senior Scientist Flight simulations, human factors engineering... View Profile

Mr Guruganesh R

Senior Scientist Design of Robust sliding mode flight control laws... View Profile

Mrs Khadeeja Nusrath,T.K

Senior Scientist system identification, state and parameter estimat... View Profile

Mr Kumaresan G

Senior Scientist Systems & Control... View Profile

Dr Sachin Shrihari Tharewal

Senior Scientist Electronics... View Profile

Mr Viswanathan S

Senior Scientist AEROSPACE... View Profile

Dr Giresh Kumar Singh

Senior Principal Scientist Flight Control... View Profile

M.S. Rajamurthy

Scientist-F Flight Mechanics... View Profile

Shyam Chetty

Scientist-F Flight Controls... View Profile

Ismail Shaik

Scientist E2 Flight Data Analysis, Flight Control, Digital Sign... View Profile


Scientist Estimation and Control Theory, Flight dynamics of ... View Profile

Mr Devendra Singh

Scientist Flight Mechanics... View Profile

Mr Dushyant Kaliyari

Scientist Dynamics & Control, Aerospace Engineering... View Profile

Mr Navendu Kumar

Scientist Dynamics and Control... View Profile

Ms Shikha Jain

Scientist Mechatronics... View Profile

Mrs. P. Lathasree

Principal Scientist Controls... View Profile

P.V. Sathyanarayana Murthy

Principal Scientist Flight mechanics... View Profile

Dr VPS Naidu

Principal Scientist Image fusion, Image processing, Signal processing,... View Profile

Dr Kamali C

Principal Scientist Real time aircraft parameter estimation... View Profile

Dr Majeed Mohamed

Principal Scientist Aircraft System Identification and Control... View Profile

Mr Srikanth K.P

Principal Scientist Software Systems... View Profile

Mr. Abhay A. Pashilkar

Chief Scientist Flight simulation; Flight control ... View Profile

Dr Jatinder Singh

Chief Scientist Flight Dynamics, Flight Vehicle System Identificat... View Profile